Saturday, August 10, 2013


I love a good deal!  I recently returned a dress to Kohl's - it was one that I bought thinking I would wear it to daughter Erin's rehearsal dinner in June on the Cape, but I decided to wear something else, so the dress was just hanging around with no purpose.  So I took it back.  And got a store credit.

This week I got a 30% off discount flyer for Kohl's and I've been antsy ever since to go see what good deals I could snag between the coupon and my store credit!  Hubby wanted to look at some pants, so off we headed tonight after church and a light dinner at Panera.

I went straight to the maxi dresses - I wanted to see what they had that could span a couple of seasons.  My first pass through the racks left me underwhelmed, but on my second look, I was drawn to a nice black and white Apt. 9 number, but it was a PL (Petite Large).  Well, at 5'9", I am anything but petite.  But one thing I have learned in my 50+ years is that I can find some great deals on things that  might be marked incorrectly.  :)  Not saying that this dress was improperly marked, but it was definitely long for a 'petite'.  Which is probably why it was clearanced down to $24 from $60!  And with my 30% coupon, it was a mere $16.80 - a 72% markdown.

I am so excited to wear it - and with a sweater, it will work perfectly for fall as well.

Hubby didn't find anything he really wanted in the pants department, but I did also find some uber cute summerwear on clearance in the baby department - so I picked up a couple of outfits for the new babies in a size that they hopefully be able to wear when we vacation together next June.

Summer 2014 vacation wear for Jack and April
A good shopping trip is a thing of beauty...

How about you?  Have any great shopping trips or tips to share?


  1. OH my gosh how cute! I love your new dress! And of course, love the swimsuits, too! We got the same flyer from Kohl's but I haven't checked it out yet...

  2. Thank you. Baby clothes are SO fun to buy! :)