Monday, September 30, 2013

Bundles of Babies

Times have changed in the 25 +/- years since I birthed three babies, but babies overall are the same as they have always been. Keep them full and dry and warm and they're pretty much happy as clams. Which brings me to another random bundling...
As I wrapped our newest grandbaby, April, in her Swaddle Me one piece bundle thingie just now, and as she literally instantly quieted and went to sleep, she reminded me of a little papoose.  Maybe those native Americans were on to something...
By way of explanation, I am staying for the week with my middle daughter and her husband and their new baby for her first week out of hospital, although they both are such naturals I don't think they need much help...
April is our second grandbaby...Grandson Jack was born just six weeks ago, on August 16 to our youngest daughter, Laurin and her husband, Eric. I was blessed to be able to spend a week with them in Kettering, OH back then as well.  Retirement came just at the right time. :)
I remember swaddling being popular when our girls were born back in the 80's. There was this one 'mature' nurse in the newborn ward of the hospital who could whip the blanket around the baby in like 3 seconds flat, forming a perfect, invincible swaddle. Larry affectionately called that nurse 'Sarge'.  lol... I still view swaddling as a 2-person art, an art that I still have yet to perfect.
Until I master the art, I will be thankful for the clever person(s) who invented Snuggle Me and all the similar garments.

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