Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation calls

Sitting on the deck, soundside, listening to the birds all around and to the family behind. We'll be headed off to church shortly.

The kids all decided they'd like to take a turn at dinners, so the crockpot is full of ribs that'll be bbqd later for us all, compliments of Kirstin and Chad.

We were on track yesterday to arrive at 4. Unfortunately the OBX traffic held us up for about 3 hours. :/  When we finally did arrive, Erin and Gary had picked up the key and got things under control enough that we just unloaded the van and headed to the grocery store.
Oh. Did I mention the rain? It was rain of biblical proportions that we spent the last 3 hours of our drive in. And it continued, along with an awesome lightning show well into the night.

After dining on supreme pizza and caesar salad and everyone's adult beverage of choice, the 8 of us settled around the table to play a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. Such fun!

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