Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekends were made for Michelob?

No relaxing this weekend - really.  We were up at the crack of dawn Saturday for a 2 1/2 hour drive to southern OH to help our darling daughter and her new husband paint rooms in their newly purchased 80 year old house in preparation for their move there next weekend.  

Also on the worklist, installation of ceiling fans in each of the 3 bedrooms  Needless to say, this 3 story octogenarian is without central air.  In the record-breaking OH heat.  :)   When we wrapped up at around 6:30 p.m. and dragged our sweat-soaked bodies back into the car, the car's thermometer read a freaking 108°!!!  After dinner at daughter's new in-laws, we headed back - and arrived home precisely at midnight.  

Because we only got to install one of the three fans yesterday, we headed back down there today after Mass to finish the job we had committed to.  We found a full house of volunteers ready to jump in and we began our electrical project for the day, only to discover that said 80-year house has 80 year old, cotton-wrapped electrical wiring.  And no junction boxes.  And no ground wires in many places. The fan that went up so easily yesterday did so because that particular bedroom had its light fixture changed out more recently, and had the requisite ground, etc. in place already.  

So we put the installation of the other two bedroom fans on hold in deference to a 'real' electrician, and headed to the first floor study to change out the ceiling fixture in there - a fan/light combo which had, somewhere along the way, lost its fan blades.  We put one of the new leftover fans up in that room and left for the day, a cool breeze blowing through the house.  

We're finally home - a full 5 hours of driving each of the two weekend days.  And now we begin to prepare for the work week ahead.  

Retirement can't come soon enough...

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